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Aurora Righetti

Coordinator LCOY ITALIA 2019

Florence, Italy

While I put away all the material from the conference, sheets of papers with the

proposals, crumpled badges and hundreds of pens and pencils, memories begin to

surface, reminding me of those three hectic days of LCOY2019 and of the many more

days spent organizing it in every detail.

I also remember the night before the conference. However it will go, I can always say I

have met amazing humans in this adventure, so it has definitely been worth it – I


LCOY 2019 (for those of you who might not know it, it stands for Local Conference of Youth on Climate Change) has been an incredible event, which cannot be only judged for what happened during it, but needs to be evaluated taking into consideration all of its impacts, many of which still have to take place. To help us understand more about it, we can use numbers: 180 participants, aged 18-35, from all over Italy and especially from the biggest cities like Milan and Rome. 14 worktables, based on topics ranging from education to technologies, from agriculture to industries. 25 specific focuses for the worktables articulated in 3 levels: international, national and local. Last but not least, 73 concrete proposals, to be submitted to the relevant institutions and organisations. 

Numbers, however, are not enough to describe our LCOY, which was made of much more. Of joy, enthusiasm, stress, panic, obstacles, solidarity and a lot of collective work. To get a taste of this, you might want to look at us in the eyes in our group pictures. There you can find all of this, I guess.

Worktable brainstorming
Brochure LCOY ITALIA 2019

It started out as a small idea, and it became a great event. Not only it has inspired many youngsters to work hard for the collectivity, but it has given birth to a miriad of new projects, connections, friendships and ideas. I remember that day: it was July 17th and a hot steady wind was blowing from the sea, a sea that I could only dream of as I was sitting under the porch of my house working for the conference. Why was I doing it? Why did this crazy idea ever come to my mind? Why not organizing a party, or a two-hour workshop at University? Why? No answer, of course, came to my mind in that moment, apart from: even though it's stressful, it's also fun sometimes!. But now, looking at everything that happened, I am the happiest person on Earth for

what we have done and I am pretty sure the other staff members feel the same. Activism is the rent we pay for living on this planet – said Alice Walker. I would like to say we are done with our rent for this year, but activism is never enough. So, in case you had a small idea and wanted to make something great out of it...write us an email and count us in!

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